Tin Hire

Novelty Tins

We’ve changed the way we offer our novelty tins

Over the years many of our Novelty Cake Tins have become somewhat of collector’s items with some of the tins being quite difficult to replace if damaged or not returned.  Consequently, we have decided to stop hiring out our cake tins.

We’ve replaced the Tin Hire Service with what will be a much more efficient method of providing you with a Novelty Cake Design.

For many years we have been baking Nude Cakes (undecorated cakes) for home decorators, bakers, businesses, pro-decorators and everyone in between. Therefore, we’ve chosen to make the novelty Cake Tin Designs available only through this Nude Cake service.

The Benefits?

  • Saves you time, stress, and perhaps even money (if you were to have any cake baking troubles or a tin mishap), also;
  • The Novelty Design will always be available for you.  In the past, we’ve had to turn customers away if the Cake Tin was already out for hire or was un-returned;
  • Takes the hassle out of booking, collecting and returning the tins;
  • A multitude of flavours, including allergy and vegan-friendly options available for very reasonable prices.

Time Frame?

We only require two-days notice to have your Novelty Design ready (not including public holidays or Sunday), and you can collect at a time and on a day that is convenient for you.


The price for a Novelty Nude Cake from our standard menu range, is $35, from our allergy and vegan-friendly range $40, and from our Fancy range, $45.

What do you get?

A complimentary instruction sheet will be provided to you with your Novelty Nude Cake (if applicable), and we will be available to offer help and advice on decorating the cake if you wish.
The Novelty Nudes will come in a food-safe plastic wrap.  Some larger designs may have a support board underneath. Cake Boards and boxes are available for purchase separately.

We endeavour to stock all the necessary items for decorating novelty cakes, including piping tips, food colours, icings, and would be happy to put packages together for you with all the equipment you’ll need for a successful design.

How to Order?

You may email info@atinybitmarvellous.com.au, or call us on 62244331 to place your order.  The flavour options are available to view under CAKES – NUDE CAKES in the top menu (or the side menu if working from a phone or tablet).

If you’d like to view the Novelty Cake Design before we bake, all of our tins will still be on display at our store at 445 Macquarie Street, South Hobart. Also, check out our online gallery in the menu.

Finally, thank you to all that used the Tin Hire service well, and treated our tins as if they were your own.  We hope that you know how much we appreciated it.  To those who decided that our tins were your own, we’d love them returned!  Thank you.

You’d like a novelty design, but you don’t want to decorate it?

We’ll do it!

We can decorate the Novelty Designs for you. Click on the design you’re interested in below for more details.