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Edibile Images

We ask for at least 24 hours notice. If you have a topper emergency, call us on (03) 622 44 331, and we’ll do our best to help.

You can order online via our website (link above), or;

Via our email address:, or;

Bring your original photos to our store at 445 Macquarie Street, and we can scan the pictures into our system, or;

We can also copy them from a USB memory stick, or AirDrop.

Yes, of course. However, so can you! Check out our online ordering system where you can upload your photos and create fun word art.

Add any information into an email, or if ordering online, add the wording to the provided comment box.

Our images will last 12 months after printing. We recommend storing in a dry, dark environment, so your image doesn’t fade.

We use specialised, high-quality food-grade inks and print onto a frosting sheet made from thin sugar paper.

Serving Size: 1g

Calories Per Serving: 5

Total Fat: 0g. Cholesterol: 0g. Sodium: 0g. Protein: 0g.

Ingredients: Water, Tapioca Starch, Corn Syrup Solids, Cellulose, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Sugar, Canola Oil, Arabic Gum, Vanilla, Titanium Dioxide, Citric Acid.

Edible image sheets contain no known allergens. Gluten, Dairy, and GMO-Free. Certified Kosher.

Due to the nature of edible images, they can be affected by the environment, even if sealed in their bag. If your image has become ‘stuck’ to the backing sheet, we can recommend the below methods to help remove it. If you are cutting out your images, do so before attempting to remove from the backing sheet.
1. Freezer
Take your image from its plastic sleeve and place in a dry freezer on a flat surface for about one to two minutes (more time if required). Open the freezer and bend the backing sheet and the topper should pop right off. If the image bends with the backing sheet, then it has not frozen enough and will not remove. Keep the image in the freezer until it simply pops off while bending the backing sheet. If the freezer method is just not working (your fridge may be too humid, or the image too wet), then please try the oven method below as it is a better option for drawing moisture from edible images.
2. Oven
Pre-heat your fan force oven to 90˚C. Place your image onto a flat tray, lined with baking paper, with your image facing up. Leave the topper for around 5 minutes in the oven, if you bend your image and it comes away from the backing sheet easily, then you’re ready to go, if not, leave your images in the oven for a little longer, then try bending the image back again.
If working with multiple images, we do not recommend allowing them to overlap, as they may begin to adhere to one another.

We can provide a proof of the image on request. Please be aware that any excess editing may incur an extra fee.

We recommend using our online ordering system to design your image. That way you can see exactly how your image will look prior to printing.

Please call us on (03) 622 44 331, or send us an email to

We’ve changed the way we offer our novelty tins

Over the years many of our Novelty Cake Tins have become somewhat of collector’s items with some of the tins being quite difficult to replace if damaged or not returned. Consequently, we have decided to stop hiring out our cake tins.

We’ve replaced the Tin Hire Service with what will be a much more efficient method of providing you with a Novelty Cake Design.


The price for a Novelty Nude Cake from our standard menu range, is $35, from our allergy and vegan-friendly range $40, and from our Fancy range, $45.

Read more about our cake tins…

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