One of the most popular conversations I have here at ATBM are about whether, or not, we have lollies.

Lollies, for years, have been a staple of any great home decorated cake. Liquorice has given many a bunny its whiskers, and lollies have long been the contents of train carriages.

Never liking to be one who disappoints, I am endeavouring on a sugar-filled fairy-floss coated ride, and what a lovely ride it has been so far. We've been reminiscing about the lollies we'd have as children, ones we've not seen for years, still available, and as magnificent as ever, as if waiting for us to rediscover them. Who knew what magnificent memories lollies could conjure.

My little lolly-elves have been busy moving the ATBM shop around to accommodate this new venture, and if you're travelling by the store, you will notice an intriguing sign on the window suggesting 'A Tiny Bit Sweet coming soon" with blanked-out windows, and, to my delight, has been causing quite the interest.

So, do we have lollies? Well, you just wait and see, it's going to be...A Tiny Bit Marvellous.